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An introduction towards NMN powder

NMN powder at is the short word of nicotinamide mononucleotide. NMN is a molecule set up in all living organisms. When observed from the molecular level it is the basic structural unit of RNA, i.e., ribonucleotide. NMN is the forerunner of the essential molecule NAD+. Even though NMN occurs naturally in living organisms, some people may need to take NMN supplements for a healthy life.

How is NMN powder useful?

Many advancements in the field of medicine have proven to help people live longer lives. However, long life is not synonymous with a healthy life. As we age, our bodies become weak and the production of NAD+, which is an essential molecule for energy production and protein synthesis, may decrease. NMN being the straight precursor of NAD+ proves to be a healthy supplement. The body will convert NMN into NDA+, which will further help in protein synthesis and energy production, hence, DNA damage can be reduced.

NMN powder has many health benefits

Some foods contain NMN naturally:

NMN is naturally present in Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, tomato, and Avocado.

You might wonder if NMN occurs naturally in vegetables then what is the need for supplements?

The NMN content in the vegetables is very less. One needs to eat 1kg broccoli to get 1mg of NMN. Now, that is a lot! This is why supplements are necessary. 

Not to worry about the side effects!

As per research, there are no side effects so far. Researchers have done several studies on NMN, each one came out with a positive result on metabolism and other bodily functions.

More detailed studies of NMN and its effects are being conducted, as the ultimate aim of research is to find a way to reverse the process of aging or to make the process more graceful. You can check here to know more information.